Frankincense Essential Oil AKARZ Body Face Skin Care Spa Message Fragrance Lamp Aromatherapy Frankincense Oil

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Frankincense Essential Oil AKARZ Body Face Skin Care Spa Message Fragrance Lamp Aromatherapy Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil AKARZ Body Face Skin Care Spa Message Fragrance Lamp Aromatherapy Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is extracted from frankincense resin, exudes a warm pure wood aroma, and slight aroma, can never feel relax and relieve. Native to the Middle East in Lebanon and Iran, recently due to indiscriminate source trees, gradually less, the current value of frankincense is extremely expensive, in addition to wood incense fragrance, still carry some fruit fragrance, such as olive oil height, color is light yellow.
The main effect
Traditional Chinese medicine: effect of frankincense is the largest treatment of dysmenorrhea and alleviate premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle soreness, aging skin activation, promote scarring, irregular menses, postpartum depression, uterine bleeding, can slow breathing, helps meditation. The feet of the hot water with a few drops of frankincense, can achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation to remove odor of main and collateral channels, but also to achieve the effect of beriberi.
Psychological effect
Exudes a warm pure wood aroma, and slight aroma, let people breathe slowly and very deeply, never feel relaxed and soothing, make people feel smooth, feel better and make peace. It has some fresh comfort, can help the anxiety and obsestion of the past state of mind.
To appease the restless heart: frankincense oil drops in the bath bath or drops in aromatherapy furnace steaming, inhalation of frankincense in the air molecules, purification of the mind, to help relieve frustration, impatience, grief and other negative emotions. Can appease the restless heart, make people feel calm, and helps meditation.
Physiological effect
1 respiratory system: frankincense has slowed down and the effect of deep breath, with Qingfeihuatan function, for acute, chronic inflammation, cough, bronchial tube asthma is very effective. Agree with conditioning long-term smoking caused shortness of breath, shortness of breath.
2 reproductive system: frankincense can warm the uterus, and menstruation, its soothing effect is very useful in childbirth, postpartum depression of the phenomenon also has excellent soothing effect. Beneficial to the genitourinary pipeline, can relieve cystitis, kidney inflammation and common vaginal infection. The convergence characteristics can alleviate the symptoms of excessive uterine bleeding and bleeding.
Zhikepingchuan prescription: Frankincense Essential Oil 5 drops + Du Song + 2 drops of essential oil of sweet almond oil 5 ml mixed massage throat and chest and back, can relieve respiratory cough and asthma and discomfort, also has soothing effect on asthma.
Skin effect
1 anti aging: aging skin can be given new life, reduce fine lines, smooth wrinkles of excellence, real skincare.
2 lift firming: restore skin elasticity, shrink pores, improve relaxation. He convergence characteristics can also balance oily skin.
3, improve dry and sensitive skin, inflammation, wound, trauma, ulcer and inflammation have the effect.
Frankincense Essential Oil 3 drops into the wash water, put a towel, wring water, apply to face and gently press the face, back and forth several times, this method can treat inflammation and dry dry peeling skin, often use can make skin tender and smooth.
Frankincense Essential Oil 3 drops + sandalwood essential oil + 2 drops of rose fruit oil 5 ml for facial massage, or frankincense and mix in the daily use of skin care products, the proportion is 5 to 10 grams per day drop of cream, smear on the skin.
Frankincense Essential Oil + 3 drops of rose essential oil + 2 drops of jojoba oil 5 ml for facial massage, has good anti-aging and soothing allergic effects.
Balm for evergreen trees, olive solidification resin, a gum resin containing volatile oil, from East Africa or Arabia made Boswellia trees (Boswellia), because in ancient times in the sacrifice with spices and smoke and rare, is a kind of important aromatic resin.
Cosmetic effect
Frankincense is extracted from frankincense resin, exudes a warm pure wood aroma, and slight aroma, can make the person feel never relax and relieve. As early as in ancient Egypt people used frankincense making mask to keep youth. Oil color is light yellow, with antibacterial, promote wound scarring, lessen scars, wrinkles, increase cell activity, Zhen Jing, supplement, rejuvenation, conditioning, dry aging, dull skin, restore skin elasticity, tighten pores.
Wrinkle maintenance: frankincense + 2 drops of rose 1 drops + jojoba oil 10 ml — facial massage.
Promote cell regeneration: frankincense + 2 drops Lavender + 1 drops of olive oil 10 ml — facial massage.
Menstruation: frankincense + 3 drops of rose 3 drops + jojoba oil 10 ml — before and after the menstrual abdominal massage.
Meditation: Anshen + 2 drops 1 drops of frankincense, sandalwood incense –.
Relax: + 2 drops 2 drops of sweet orange incense incense –.
Mix Lavender frankincense can promote cell activation.
Add 4 drops of frankincense and 4 drops of orange essential oil massage oil based on 20ml can help you relax the tension.
When the cold air freshener: in 100ml water by adding 1 drops 1 drops of sandalwood incense.
For pregnant women and newborns:
From 4 months pregnant, with 3 drops of frankincense mixed in 3 ml basis, in a clockwise direction across the abdomen, can prevent postpartum belly.
With the above formula every day postpartum abdominal massage, can repair the complex uterine toughness, prevent postpartum inflammation.
Give children bath, adding 2-3 drops of frankincense in water, can soothe infants, fight infection, make the baby more healthy.
Add 4 drops of frankincense, primrose oil 5CC, abdominal massage, can deal with menorrhagia, tick the problem of long delay.
Mixed Frankincense Facial Massage + 4 drops 5 drops of base oil and sandalwood, can smoothen fine lines on the face, dry and rough skin.
The frankincense 10 drops into the incense bottle for expansion, diffuse taste inhalation has a sedative effect, can be used for autonomic dysfunction or unable to relieve the pressure.

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